My other ''passion''

With this page I want to invite you to my other hobby,,,,,,,,racing on the Playstation 3.
First Iam getting started with a major overhaul of my racing seat,
i build this racing seat some ten years ago in the playstion 1 era.

I don`t have much pictures of this racing seat this is the only ones I have,
sorry for the bad pictures,these are taken with my cell phone.

The whole seat will be disassembled, all the steel parts will be sanded.
And gets a new paint job,flat black. New stainless steel plating.

I was using this racing wheel´´logitech MOMO´´ for driving GT5. Only one problem I could not save
the game during a endurance race thats why I bought a new racing wheel.

This is the first number 3 I bought on EBAY.COM,
It wasn`t good for my needs, so I bought another one. The one that I have now will be fitted on my race seat.

LUKE seatbelts and the Corbeau GT seat.

Both of these where used on real racetracks here in Holland by amateur drivers,
i bought these two from a car mechanic whom was working for the same company
that I was.

The flat screen on left I bought in the summer of 2011,it is a SHARP AQUOS QUATTRON 3D.

I wasnt very happy with the results for my needs,so I gave this screen to my parants,
they dont need the functions on this screen I need,so I bought a new screen,scroll down to see it.

The old screen.

This picture is taken by me when my friend  is playing online NASCAR.
Oh man he was enjoying himself.

My new baby.

Its a Samsung UE55ES8000LED, yeah yeay 55 inch, this is some big, bad motherfxcker.

I think I will go for these shoes.

Only I have to make some adjustments to fit this screen in my living room,
I will keep all up to date folks from my w.i.p. OH almost forget , my livingroom will get also a major overhaul.

LTEC raceseat.

NASCAR seatbelts,5 points.

I can choose from these colours,

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange

LTEC neckbrace.

This is what I really need,when Iam driving endurance races I get a huge pain in my neck,
I hope this will help.

G-27  Race Wheel.

 T 500 RS Racing Wheel.

This Racing Wheel will be fitted on my racing seat.


 The gear shifter.

Iam NOT a ferrari guy, but this is a super heavy F1 steer.                                                                       

Logitech Z 501 5.1 Surround sound speakers.

 Gran Turismo 5.

NASCAR 2011.

Neon Lighting.

Iam not sure wich colour,I have not decided yet,but I think I will go for blue.

PS3 keyboard.

A new laptop,I still have not decided yet wich one.But I think Iam going for a Samsung.

A headset,for communicating when Iam online racing.

New Stickers.

I think Dale Earnhardt is the greatest NARCAR driver ever lived, that`s why I have choosen
for the number 3. I was really chocked when I saw Dale hit the wall at the Daytona 500.

Number 3 decal.

The Intimidator sticker.

Dale Earnhardt sticker.

Intimidator decal,I have two of these but I will use only one for my race seat,
maybe the second one  I will use for my ´´REAL´´car.

The Superman decal logo.

Superman decal, I have two of these,these will be fitted on both sides of the raceseat.

NASCAR sticker, I have four of these.

NASCAR nextel sticker,I have two of these.

Hot Wheels sticker,I have two of these.

I am Indy sticker.

Ice age sticker.

Ice age sticker.


These stickers is just a `` dry fit``


I will fit this Superman.

I really like this paint scheme.

This is the bottem of the racewheel, i am thinking to install ventilator for a good airflow,
the blue arrow marks the airflow.

 My racewheel dropped off the workbech................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

 Three broken pieces.


Not much to report,plates add.


Finally an update, after so many years, this rig was eating dust.

Some laptop decorations, 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

The rig is back in my mancave.

Installing the 5.1 surround sound.

The sound is amazing.

It proves this construction was to weak, i had to make a much much stronger design.

This is much better.

Some sanding is required

Laptop arm is out.

Laptop arm is in, only the beercan is removed 😢😢😢.

Foam, just like in a NASCAR.

Three different tie-wraps, still don`t know wich one i am gonna use,
most probably the black one on the right.

One laptop arm to go, TBC.