''My Future Projects''

U.L.A.D.decals part II and part III,
the U.L.A.D decals part I is visible on the U-201 section.

U.L.A.D. part II.

U.L.A.D. part III.

Special Navy,Type II-A.
scale 1/72,http://www.cmkkits.com/en/ships/u-boat-type-iia/

Inside the box,

The hull,

The parts,

Special Navy Photo-Etch parts.

Special Navy resin parts.

Special Navy tin parts,

Special Navy decals.

AMP Photo-Etch parts,http://amp.rokket.biz/am_type2set.shtml

This is one of the best photo-etch for a model I have ever seen,
it`s really a must have for the SN type II-A,recommended to everyone
who wants to mdel this type II-A.I have three sets for all the three boats.

This multimedia set is made by modellers for modellers.

AMP resin parts.

AMP decals.

This is the AMP builder plan 1:1.


The full plans of the AMP PE instructions can found here.

AMP Reichsmarine flag,http://amp.rokket.biz/flags_dk.shtml

Here you see the highly detailed model of Wink with the AMP flags waterline decals etc etc.

AMP Battleflag,

I have hold in my hand many different kriegsmarine battleflags,
but this one is best I have ever seen,AMP have some flags
in different scales,so if you you want a historical flag on you`re boat.
this is the one.

AMP waterline decals,

As you can see I have three boats of this type,I want to convert two of these
boats into a type II-B(U-121) and a II-C(U-60),and one boat would be a II-A(U-6).

Iam also working on U-201 and the U-2511,al these boats were under the command
of Adalbert Schnee,five boats in total.

To convert a type II-B is done before,but to convert a type II-C,
can be a problem.

Her are a few pictures I collected from the web,enjoy.

Type II-A

Second row,second boat fron the right is U-6.


Her some pictures of U-6 with a black number 6 on the CT.

U-6 escape buoy,I found this picture on EBAY.

U-6 was the only boat of the type II-A that actually have round holes in the deck,
instead of the usualy slots that the other type II-A`s have.
In this picture is`t clearly visible.

Type II-C


Type VII-D.

The Box.

Inside the box.

The parts.

Special Navy.

U-Boat type VII-D minelayer version/conversion set for U-Boat type VII-C.

Special Navy type VII-D photo-etch parts.

Special Navy type VII-D decals.

This set contains decals for U-213,the snorting bull(1),in front of the CT.

Decals for U-217,the saw fish(2)and a shield with a white ross(5).
But according to Georg Hogels`s book,U-217 sunk the british steam merchant
Rhexenor on 03-02-1943 in southeast of Bermuda.The survivors of the merchant
saw "TWO SAWFISHES'' on both sides of the cunning tower,but the Special Navy
decals set contains only ''ONE''sawfish.

And decals for U-218,the three fishes on the bow of the boat.

Nautilus wood deck.

This is really a great deck,I must have for my boat.
It was a a pleasure to doing busines with nautilus models,
they answer there emails correcty,and they great products.

Three resin hatches.

I was very happy that I bought this brass deck on EBAY.COM,
the seller is a very good guy,answers his emails very correctly.

I don`t like to doing business with Jason from Modelbrass,
he is an idiot.If I ever see this guy walking on a crossover,
I won`t step on the break,I put the peddle on the middle.


Special Navy,type XXIII,scale 1/72,http://www.cmkkits.com/en/ships/u-boat-type-xxiii/

I bought this baby on EBAY.DE for a reasonable price too.

I think I wil go for a successful XXIII.There were only three boats
that sunk an enemy ship,U-2321,U-2322 and U-2336 sunk two ships.U-2336
sunk the last two ships in WWII under the command Kptlt Klusmeier on 7 May,
in this event Klusmeier sunk two British freighters,
see image below where this event took place.

If you ask me,this is a very herioc action undertaken by Klusmeier,
in the last days of WWII in enemy territory,
Klusmeier had some balls................. to do this.

From left to right,U-2336,U-2341 and U-541 Lisahally after the German surrender.

So all in all I think I will go for modelling U-2336,but I need more photgraphic
evidence of this boat.

This is a decent kit,very accurate,like any other models
there is some scratchbuild on the boat to look her goooood.

The box.

The inside of the box.

The hull.

The parts.

The resin parts.

Special Navy instructions.













Special Navy photo-etch parts.

Eduard photo-etch parts(http://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/Photo-etched-parts/Photo-etched-set/U-boat-XXIII-1-72.html0

Eduard insstruction pages 1 and 2.

Eduard insstruction pages 3 and 4.

The attack periscope(72150) from http://modellbau-schatton.privat.t-online.de/html/preisliste.html

It`s always a pleasure to doing business with Robert,good customer service,
fast shipping and very good products,recommended to everyone who needs to pimp his/her model(s).


Scaleshipyard Type IX-C,scale 1/32,http://scaleshipyard.com/Catalog%20Pages/submarines.html#SUB-26

I bought this baby two years ago from a good friend of mine,
who quits it`s hobby,also I bought some books from him for one reasonable price.

For now this is my biggest boat in the fleet,and when I am say
it`s big,it`s biiiiiiiiig,approximately 240 cm in lenght.
I will use boat for making a mold,making a few more for my fleet.

1)U-123,the Hardegen boat with the cammo scheme.

U-123 in front,U-201 behind.

2)A type IX-C with a schnelltauchback(the narrow in the fordeck).


The resin parts.

These parts can be easily reproduced by me.

Bow planes,

Stern planes,


Periscope housing,

Ammunation storage containers,

Acces hatches,

The attack and sky periscope,

Revell Type IX-C U-505.

The first test shots.

 And here she is in my shipyard.

I bought this baby at http://www.amazon.de/ for a reasonable too.

shipping €13,95
Total      €83,19

When I opened the box I was really stunned,I must say a very good quality.

www.cmkkits.com is allready working on the exterior and interior compartments.



this is the list of the forthcoming sets for Type IX

N72010 – U-Boot IX Opened Front and Rear Torpedo Muzzle Doors for REV

N72011 – U-Boot IX Front Torpedo Section for REV

N72012 – U-Boot IX Rear Torpedo Section& Crew bunks for REV

N72013 – U-Boot IX Exterior Set Part I for REV

N72014 – U-Boot IX Command Section for REV

N72015 – U-Boot IX Front Crew Quarters for REV

N72016 – U-Boot IX Officers’ Ward Room& Galley for REV

N72017 – U-Boot IX Engine section for REV

N72018 – U-Boot IX Weapon Set for REV

N72019 – U-Boot IX Torpedo Loading Cart on Sea for REV

N72020 – U-Boot IX Weapon Conversion set for REV

N72021 – U-Boot IX Exterior Set Part II for REV

Wow, it looks like there will be many options for builders to consider.


Well.........it`s now waiting for some ``photo-etch`` parts,deck,floodholes you name it.

Also,I hoping for 

The manual.

Now i have two boats in my fleet.


These two decks i allready have,they are
Two brass decks.

10.5 deck gun,and the diesel cover.

Here are few pictures from this manufacture.

PE for the torpedeo doors.


part I.