28-12-2012,My visit to Margraten.

At the gate.

This is my first visit to Margraten,an American Cementery for the soldiers who died in the
second World War.Here lie 8302 American soldiers.The most gave there lives for the libaration
of South-East Holland.The soil of this cementery is for eternal use for the American Goverment.
The maintenance of this cementery is in the hands of  ABMC(American Battle Monuments Commision).

1 LT Walter Will,holder of the Medal of Honour,
there were only six men with this award buried at this cementery.

The chapel.

The flowers you see are by placed local civilians or by relatives.
Most graves are adopted by the local civilians.

 The grave of an unknown soldier.

 Second Lieutenant James R Watson,KIA 18-09-1944,Netherlands.

 When enter the cementery this is the wall on the right with the names of the soldiers KIA,
 but the bodies never bin found.

This is the wall on left,with the names of the killed soldiers wich bodies are never bin found.

This small building contains some mapping of the invasion of North-Western Europe.

The wall with names of the soldiers wich nerver bin found can barely seen on left in this picture.

 The Office.

 In 2005 former US president Georg W Bush visit the cementery.

A document signed by the former US president,Dwight D Eisenhower.

The 60th anniversary of VE day,08-05-2005.
President George W Bush.
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Signed document by queen Beatrix.

A picture of the Ardennes American Cementery  and memorial.

 High ranking officers/Generals.

I front you see a book you can sign.like I did.

The book I signed,only I erased my name for the internet.

 Below you see six pictures of the soldiers with the medal of honour.

Explanation of the medal of honour,English/Dutch.

A picture of Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial.