02-01-2013,My visit to Henry-Chapelle(Belgium)

This was my second visit to an American Cemetry.Here rest 7,992 American Soldiers who gave
there lives of the US advance into Germany.

Angel of peace.

Two jewish brothers.

 Joseph Unger.

 Louis Unger.

This cemetry contains 37 sets of two brothers and one of three brothers(Tester).

John E Fenoglia.

All the names of the buried soldiers  are pointed  to the stars and stripes.

Frederick Walker Castle.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Walker_Castle

Frederick W Castle West Point yearbook photo.
Castle Air Force Base located  southeast of San Francisco, California.

Truman Kimbro.

Picture of Truman Kimbro.

 USNS Sgt. Truman Kimbro (T-AK-254)
 US-Army pier, Yokohama, Japan, December 1973.

Truman Kimbro convention center in Texas.

Francis X MC Graw.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_X._McGraw

Francis X MC Graw.

The Tester brothers.

 Glen W Tester.

 Robert D Tester.

 James E Tester.

 Another view of the three Tester brothes.

A monument for the Tester brothers located in Tennessee.

The colonnade.

The piers of the colonnade present the names of 450 missing.The bronze rosettes
mark thosesince recovered and identified.

Seals of the States and territories are inscribed on the piers.

 A bronze rosette for the recovered and indetified body of Paul S Kocher.

The chapel.

Flags of US forces,air,naval and infantry.

The visitors room.

The office,If you have any questions you can ask them here,they are very kind people.
Only English is required.

 The three houlders of the medal of honour.

The guestbook I have signed.

 After the visit,back in Valkenburg the Netherlands.
 Here we where on vacation.