‘’my research’’ researching the type IX-D2

28 boats commissioned, 6 boats survived the war.

U-177 + 6 Feb 1944 W.Ascension,50 killed.

U-178 25 Aug 1944 in Bordeaux scuttled by crew.

U-179 + 8 Okt 1942 Cape of good hope.

U-181 6 May 1945 taken over by the Japanese as I-501.

U-182 + 16 May Tristan da Cunha.

U-196 + 30 Sept Indian Ocean,Str Sunda(between Java and Sumatra).

U-197 + 20 Aug 1943 South of Madagascar(Indian Ocean).

U-198 + 12 Aug 1944 Seychelles(Indian Ocean.

U-199 + 31 July 1943 Rio de Janeiro,49 killed.

U-200 + 24 June 1943 SSW of Iceland.

U-847 + 27 Aug 1943 SW of the Azores.

U-848 + 5 Nov 1943 SW Ascension.

U-849 + 25 Nov 1943 Congo Estuary.

U-850 + 20 Dec 1943 South of the Azores.

U-851 + March/Apr 1944 missing near ST John`s(atlantic).

U-852 3 May 1944 was beached on the East Coast of Somalia

near Garafui,59 survivors were taken prisoner.

U-859 + 23 Sept 1944 torpedoed by RN submarine Trenchent in Malacca Straights off Penang,49 killed and 12 survivors.

U-860 +15 June 1944 South of ST Helena,42 killed,20 survivors.

U-861 29 May 1945 surrendered in Trondheim

U-862 6 May taken over by the Japanese as I-502.

U-863 +29 Sept 1944 Recife.

U-864 +9 Feb 1945 torpedoed while submerged by RN submarine Venturer(also sank the U-771),NW of Bergen.

U-871 +26 Sept 1944 NW of Azores.

U-872 28 July 1944 damaged in a RAF raid.29 July damaged beyond repair in a USAAF raid on Bergen and destroyed in a further raid on 10 Aug 1944.

U-873 11 May 1945 surfaced and surrendered in mid Atlantic,arrived at Porthsmouth on 17 May 1945.

U-874 28 May 1945 surrendered at Horten.

U-875 2 June 1945 surrendered at Bergen.

U-876 4 May 1945 scuttled by crew at Eckernfjord after she damaged by rocket fire from typhoons.


Here is a general plan of the IX-D2.


Here some pictures of the IX-D2`s that I have collected over the years on the internet and in books.With this article I want to light up some of the details on the boat and



laid down________25-11-1940



shipyard ________AG Weser Bremen


commanders_______14-03-1942 untill 23-03-1943
_________________commander Wilhelm Schulze

_________________24-03-1942 untill 16-10-1943
_________________commander Robert Gysea

Commander Gysae,

I have an original signed picture of of Gysea,
I will post that at a later stage.

A drawing(made by the Allies)of U-177 Turm IV.


In front U-178,at the right U-188 and left is U-183,6 November 1943 Swettenham pier in Pannang.

Commander Dommes.




This was my first picture of U-181
for a long time.

Found these on EBAY.

These four pictures are probably snapshot,
taken from a documantary.

Here you see the heavy IJN kreuser Myoko with the U-181 and the U-862 at the end of WWII in Signapore.I don`t know really the date.